Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Half Marathon

On June 8th I ran the Utah Valley Marathon again. I loved it so much better this year then I did last year. The course was so much better this year ,and it was so much more open and easier to run without bumping into other runners. I think they were doing road construction last year so the running path was so narrow. I felt so much more prepared this year then last year, last year I was training right after I had Hunter and I was still breastfeeding clear up until the marathon so losing that top weight has helped:) I really love training because when I am training I get so motivated and so excited to run everyday and it gives me a goal to look forward to. I did alot of fun runs this year I ran from my house in the Terrace to my parents in Hooper a couple times ,and only got chased down once by a homeless guy in Riverdale it was sorta scary at five in the morning when no one is awake, but I am ok. My parents came down to Provo and watched me and took me to Olive Garden for dinner. I think that is my favorite meal a good pasta meal before a big run and I never feel guilty after eating it:) Roger and the boys had a camping trip that they had planned so they missed my run, but thats ok my boys have a hard time waiting at the finish line. But they were really excited to wear my medals I got from running last year and this year. My time last year was 2:12 so this year my goal was two hours so I really trained hard and tried to make it. I never have bought a watch or anything to help me know what pace I am running I just look at the clock before I leave for a run and after and sorta estimate how fast I ran. So during the race I would just run with different people that I thought were running at a good pace, and that really seemed to help my time. At mile 10 I looked at the clock and it was 7:35 so I thought I got to pick up the pace so I can make my time ,so I put on my songs that get me pumped up and ran as fast as I could. And I made it I saw the clock and gave it all I had and saw my parents and they were cheering like crazy because I beat my time from last year and my goal. My final time was 1:56!!!!!!! Thats like a 9 minute mile and that was better then I could of hoped for. I am sure I will run it next year too!!! In the top picture I am doing the Schiffman family
# 33 hopefully next year I can get them to run with me.

The new Provo Temple.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bear World

In April we decided to take a trip out to good old Idaho. Rogers grandpa is buried out there and we hadn't been to his grave for five years, so we decided to make it a mini vacation. We started out going to Lava Hot Springs and took the kids to the hot pots and stayed the night at a tiny hotel. We went to some good little food places and played at the park and went on alot of walks I think the kids really enjoy going anywhere. The next day we packed up all our stuff and headed to Bear World, I hadn't been since I was little and remembered it was fun. First you drive through and look at all the bears just wandering around and I have to say my kids loved that. The bears will just walk right up to your car and stop and lay down so sometimes you have to drive around them, but Blake and Hunter were so excited to see bears that close. Then after that they have a little theme park with rides and my kids went nuts and went on every ride over and over again. My boys really have no fear when it comes to rides they just cry when its time to get off and waiting in line to go again:) I loved the little baby cubs they were so cute and I wished I could of had one. They also had a petting zoo of like goats, deer, pigs, ducks and chickens. Blake and Hunter may have chased some of the animals but other then that they were really nice and loved the animals.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Random Easter pictures

This year for Easter we had alot of Easter egg hunts and had fun with our cousins. My parents have a big easter celebration and every family brings ten eggs per kid and all the adults hide them and then the kids go wild finding them. I love this tradition and I know all my family does too!!!


Blake played soccer this spring and I think he really liked playing. The first couple games he didn't know what to do and cried a little bit and just wanted to sit on my lap and watch the game. But then we started bribing him with an ice cream cone if he would get in and play and that did the trick he played in every game after that. Blake is such a good little player he dribbles clear down the field and doesn't really like to pass the ball much but we will work on that so I think we will play again next year. Good job Blake!!!!

April Birthdays

Roger and I both have our birthday in April, just a week apart Rogers is on the 11th and mine is on the 18th. Roger had to work on his birthday so I felt really bad about that but when he got home we had an ice cream cake and presents waiting. We got Roger some new Hunting boots  and I found a really cute BYU tie and he loves it and wears it to church every week:) And for my birthday Roger took the day off and we headed off to Park city to eat at my favorite restaruant Baja Catina, I love their chicken flautas. Roger got me a gift card for a massage and a striders gift card to buy some new running shoes.


We had a wonderful Easter, the Easter bunny was very nice to us this year. The boys got lots of fun toys like balls, bubbles and sun glasses but I think their favorite present was their new trampoline. When the boys woke up they had their easter baskets on the couch and were so excited to see all the fun things then we went outside to have an Easter egg hunt and (wala) there was the trampoline. It really was so funny I recorded Blakes reaction when he came outside and he was like  "WOW Mom what is that a tramp? Can I jump on it"  My boys absolutly love it and it really entertains them for a long time, and its also nice for me to do some of my tricks to on there. Easter is such a fun day and I can't wait until next year.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


These are from last Fall my boys were just having fun playing outside:)